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  • just created an account. Wanted to say HI. and comment on creating the account.
    what a joke on the I am not a robot bit....
    If This web site does not want users to create an account, they should just ssay so and not make one suffer thru that very stupid , inefficient, and not work well click on pict crap.

    so I tri to post this and I get poop up, saying I have to wait 240 before posting. what a bogus.

  • All measures against spamming, which we used to have a ton of. The restrictions go away with upvotes. Take it easy.

  • Moderator

    @jepl Welcome to our forum.

    I am sorry for you delay but in the past we had many problems with spammers, so you need to solve the puzzle for registration.
    The delay for many posts is a countermeasure against spamming, too.
    Forum filters are not intelligent as humans are so they might accuse new, good users for something bad they did not have done.

    You need a reputation (see your user profile in forum) >=2 to be a non-delayed poster. The reputation is calculated by the likes from others on your posts.
    So i upvoted your post, now your reputation is 2, and you will be happy to post [as fast as the north wind can blow the snow flakes around. :snowflake: ] ;)

    Greetings from cold southern Germany state called Franconia.

  • @jepl: A huge portion of websites out there have picture based puzzles or captchas as a spam/robot prevention method, I don't see the issue (they're not even that complicated, usually...).
    As for the posting delays, that has been explained above. Enjoy your time around, be nice and helpful, and more upvotes will flow your way (as things stand you already have 3, so, no more delays for you anyway!).
    Have fun with the V community!

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    @jepl Tell us something about you. How did you get Vivaldi? Do you like it? Which OS do you have? Where do you live ... and so on.
    OK, me being too curious.

  • @Gwen-Dragon: Now, now, don't go all "Google" on the new member :laughing:

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Welcome. Yes, CAPTCHAs are sometimes a nuisance, but necessary. With my poor eyes at least I appreciate that these puzzles are currently used instead of these to identify a text, these are horrible on many occasions


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    @catweazle Such captchas on other sites a the hell for users! Bad Operators From hell.

  • @Catweazle: Yes, some captcha systems are clearly a bit too much (I've had my share of "what the hell?" with those...) - others are more simple, though (fortunately...). At any rate, I do prefer the picture-based puzzles as well. They seem to work nicely and are, usually, straightforward enough.

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