PM / Messaging Function Working?

  • Is anyone else having problems either replying to PMs received ... or not being able to initiate PMs? In the last 2 or so days, I had at first been having problems replying to PMs. After I'd submit PM replies, there would just be no sign, no evidence that the PM replies made it out. And the people would not receive my PM replies. Now today I cannot even initiate PMs. I click on the little Messaging Envelope icon and it doesn't get acknowledged. Nothing happens. Is there some setting that could have somehow changed on my end?

  • It's working on my end.

  • Here too - I sent one to Suntana. Did you get it?

  • Yes, Adam … Steve, I received y'all's PMs.
    I don't really have a problem receiving PMs.
    The problem I was first having was REPLYING to PMs, but I could at the time initiate a NEW PM to someone.

    Now though, I can no longer even initiate a NEW PM to anyone.

    I went through the motions of replying to your PM, Steve and POOF! It was as if a Black Hole swallowed up my reply. It never showed up in the Conversation sequence like back & forth conversations are normally supposed to do.

    I then tried logging off Vivaldi and then logging back in.
    Still no change. Still PM problems.
    In the meantime, my AOL Dial Up disconnected.
    I went ahead and closed Opera as well.
    At that time I took the liberty of running cleanings with CCleaner and Glary Utilities.
    I logged back on to AOL.
    I opened Opera.
    I logged back into Vivaldi.
    Still no change. Still PM problems.

  • try it in google chrome. That's what I'm using.

  • When I hover on the Buttons for Messaging someone, they ARE acknowledged as active Buttons. The cursor does change to the hand with the pointing index finger. Just nothing happens when I click on the Buttons.

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