To everyone who is still looking for a solution for multiple users on Vivaldi

  • Re: Is there a way for multiple profiles/users on vivaldi?

    I was looking on Reddit for a solution to this and stumbled across a thread which had this comment:

    "Basically he told me the chromium profile tool was still accessible. he told me to use this
    but it led to nothing. I manage to still reach Chromium menu by doubleclicking on the padlock icon and going on "Website settings". This opens Chromium setting panels. There you click on the Settings menu top left of the screen and choose "people". It gives you the opportunity to create several user profiles. But i have found nothing to ask which profile to use on startup (like the -p on run path for Firefox)"

    For those of you who don't get what he is saying what you do is:

    1. Go to any secure site (Can even be this thread)
    2. Click the padlock that shows the site is HTTPS not HTTP
    3. Click 'site settings' at the bottom of the popup - that will take you to the chromium settings site
    4. In the top left corner, there will be 'Settings' click the three lines to the left of it
    5. Then click 'People'

    It should be self-explanatory from there.

    Have fun now guys 😄

    • Lewys Gardner

  • Moderator

    Easier, open the user setting page with chrome://settings/people

  • @Gwen-Dragon it didn't always work for me so I kept it out but yes that is another option

  • Moderator

    Be careful. I haven't tested this special profile changes yet.
    And Guest is not working for me.

    I remember some months while testing the --profile=… command line (making same as User management with People) ago i got problems with a loss of Vivaldi settings.

  • @gwen-dragon So far it's been good but I only found this out a few days ago, thanks for the heads up


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