Middleclick scroll

  • I am very curious why you'd need to remove this. I was waiting half of year to fix middle-scroll selecting text, and now you finaly fixed it... to even worse. Why removing it? People are using press middle-click - drag mouse to scroll - release botton. Why?!

  • Vivaldi: our mission is to change users bad habits 😃
    Jokes apart, report a bug if you think is one

  • @vrnvorona using mmb and moving the mouse out of the vivaldi window space still breaks the scrolling behavioir which is broken.

    not sure what part of [mmb] selecting text is even worse.. that is fixed now.

    "Why removing it? People are using press middle-click - drag mouse to scroll - release botton. Why?!"

    [mmb -down] - [move mouse up/down -scrolling] - [mmb - up] ...is just a lot faster and more intuitive ...many users have grown into using this habbit of scrolling pages quickly over decades. Why the f### should that behavior be selecting text at all... my only exception to it.. is if a modifier key like [shift] or [ctrl] is used with [mmb] and only then selecting page content happens with the scrolling action.. anything but that is just retarded and breaks expected behavior that has been established in other software/platforms for ..decades.

    adding additional behavior through additional modifier keys though.. yes im all for it that

  • @koolio Yeah, i am telling same, or at least trying to say. Hold MMB and dragging is faster than clicking twice. Text selection issue finally is gone, but now scroll is broken.

  • @ian-coog Yeah, i submitted, thanks for it. I hope they could understand it, cause my english isn't really pure xd.

  • @vrnvorona i dunno scroll is working here

  • @koolio Are you last version of snapshot? And sure is holding button, not clicking? Cause in edge it works, here now isn't.

  • @vrnvorona woah you are right... they did mess it up... in the latest snapshot I got today.. doesn't actually scroll at all while mmb is held down..

    ok vivaldi another regression so soon...

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