Vivaldi scaling on Linux

  • Hello,
    I use Google Chrome and I have "--force-device-scale-factor=1.5" in a file ~/.config/chrome-flags.conf

    This way I have nicely scaled Google Chrome.

    Now I want to use Vivaldi, and I'm not sure about best way to scale things.

    Maybe would be not bad idea to make alias for vivaldi-stable binary to launch with this flag, but unsure. Maybe there is some sort of file like chrome-flags.conf for Vivaldi too?

    P.S. Tried "User Interface Zoom" but did not work so well...

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    Such local file for Vivaldi parameters was suggested mid 2015 by me.
    Feature request was: VB-5294 "Reading commandline parameters from user config file or environment variable"

    The only way to get this is to (idea):
    Patch vivaldi startup script /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi
    and add some bash code to:

    • Read all lines from parameter file into array variable
    • push array variable into $@

  • Thank you for reply!

    Trying this solution right away ;)

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    You may write a own patch script to patche vivaldi script.
    Why? Because every Vivaldi update you will loose the changes in vivaldi script.

    If you have made such script, please share the code here.
    Some Linux users not so convenient with bash scripting [not me! i am only too lazy writing bash or sh, being more a Perl dev] may be happy about your share of knowledge.

  • Wow was really simple! For others here is my solution:

    Add this line to /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi at the very bottom, but before the exec command:

    if [[ -f ~/.config/vivaldi-flags.conf ]]; then VIVALDI_USER_FLAGS="$(cat ~/.config/vivaldi-flags.conf)" fi

    Then edit exec line to include our new variable:

    exec -a "$0" "$HERE/vivaldi"-bin $VIVALDI_USER_FLAGS "$@"

    ...and it works! Thank you Gwen-Dragon

  • @adomas-jackevicius Sorry for this dimwit question, but can you pls clarify... what does this do? Is my guess correct that it would magnify the V window, & thus contents, by 1.5x ?

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    @steffie No, the two lines read commandline parameter/switches from a user defined file ~/.config/vivaldi-flags.conf and add the parameters while Vivaldi starts.

  • @gwen-dragon Oh. But the OP mentioned


    & it was that which i was trying to understand.

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    @steffie Means that it forces the display of Vivaldi in zoomfactor of device-zoom * 1.5.

  • @gwen-dragon OK, & so, wouldn't that be, basically, what i asked/said before...
    "it would magnify the V window, & thus contents, by 1.5x ?"

    I'm not trying to argue btw, only to understand [i like to (try to) keep learning].

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    @steffie Yes, in your words, thats it :)

    Excuse me, my explanation was too much techie. :blush:

  • @gwen-dragon Excellent, thank you.

    Yes, you made the serious error of presuming that i was not a dope, when in reality, ich bin eine sehr grossen dummkopf :-)

  • Moderator

    @steffie All is ok. Your are not a "große Dummkopf".
    I would call you without any prejudice/bad judgement: sometimes with lesser background knowlegde or sometimes a lack of attention or having not much coffee to be awaken or tired. ;)

  • @steffie Yes it does complete scaling of User-Interface and Contents of websites. I need this because I have 4K UHD screen which is 28" size and without scaling everything is tiny.

    I edit /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi file to read another file, which is ~/.config/vivaldi-flags.conf and in this file I enter "--force-device-scale-factor=1.5" and I can add any other command line options which will be used by vivaldi ;)

    Same thing would happen if I launch from command line:

    vivaldi-stable --force-device-scale-factor=1.5

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    @adomas-jackevicius I added your your patch to bugtracker entry.
    Perhaps (some time later) it will make it into a enhanced Linux Vivaldi?

  • @gwen-dragon That is great! I think quite a big part of Linux users might benefit from it as HighDPi screens getting more popular with every day ;) and this is pretty easy and good solution to scale everything by editing one file... As Google Chrome and Chromium has it, why Vivaldi should not? :thumbsup_tone1:

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    @adomas-jackevicius said in Vivaldi scaling on Linux:

    good solution to scale everything by editing one file... As Google Chrome and Chromium has it, why Vivaldi should not?

    May be because such fix works only for a vivaldi start script on Linux and not for Mac and Windows as the latter have other mechanism to start and the such code in the Vivaldi binary needs more work.
    Be sure that i miss such feature in my Linux and Windows, too.

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