Profile Error Occurred - how can i get a new profile

  • Hi,

    my user profile is corrupted. My company deployed a encryption solution that did a mess with some files and my vivaldi profile was affected.
    Every time i open the browser i get this error:

    My browsing history, passwords, and cookies are ok, but my browser settings and bookmarks were lost.
    If I added new settings and bookmarks they are not saved.

    How can I start a new profile keeping my browsing history, passwords, and cookies?


    contains explanations how to reset your profile and how to backup relevant data

  • @luetage thanks for the link
    I did a backup of the Default profile and started deleting settings files, but every time i set up everything, on the next restart it gave me the profile error message.

    Then, i realize that may be a persistent error with the encryption layer and remove vivaldi completely, reboot, do a clean install, customize some settings, check that everything loads and then restart the computer,
    After the restart the profile error was there.

    I restored the backup profile and I have my cookies, history and passwords.

    Based on the behavior of the issue, looks like some kind of interaction between the vivaldi profile settings storage logic and the Dell Encryption suite that makes that the file changes don't get stored or get corrupted.

    I'll try to fill a bug report.


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