what happened to vivaldi://settings/cookies/ ?

  • I often need to clear cookies for one site but not the whole browsing history.

    Few updates ago this was an option in all the chromium browsers I've installed (and those I have tested) and worked just fine. After it was removed in chrome, it seems many chromium browsers followed Google and removed it too!

    chrome://settings/cookies/ >>chrome://settings/
    vivaldi://settings/cookies/ >> empty setting page

    opera://settings/cookies/ >> still works!

    This is a must-have feature for anyone building websites for a living and I want back!

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    @globalcloud Does the delete filtered cookies in Settings, Privacy not do what you want?

    0_1510832505755_Filtered Cookies.png

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    @globalcloud said in what happened to vivaldi://settings/cookies/ ?:

    I want back!

    This URL is gone forever. Chromium codes change the internal URLs.


  • The newer chromium have changed internal settings pages and how to access them. Try:
    If a setting in the CHROMIUM (not Vivaldi's) settings isn't found you can always try:
    In any case the internal vivaldi setting, as indicated by @Pesala, should be enough to just delete some cookie


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