What has happened with QA?

  • The last few MacOS releases have been awful. Vivaldi hasn't been picking up on auto-updates, the RSS feed URL changed.

    The most recent release 1.13.1008.11 has some serious problems:

    • it dropped my existing sessions when I installed it
    • it defaulted to full screen
    • it wanted to install itself again and wouldn't load pages
    • after a restart it went full-screen again, resizing it only helped a little because new tabs were opened in full-screen. Restarting again seems to have resolved this.

    And still no sign of a mail client. 😞 What is wrong with Vivaldi at the moment?

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    Keep in mind that Vivaldi Snapshots are not guaranteed to be stable. They usually are pretty stable. However, the Vivaldi QA team was very upfront in warning us to expect some glitches due to the significant internal rework that was done to Vivaldi in this cycle. (Due to the nature of the changes, macOS was probably also impacted more than other platforms.) A lot of additional work is also being done to fix bugs that also get Vivaldi into a much better state.

    So... there have been some glitches, but we've also seen some HUGE improvements too.

  • Can't really say I've noticed any improvements. Probably to do with stuff I don't use. It feels like there has been little real progress this year. Release problems like those I've described - the full screen nonsense has happened a couple of times - shouldn't be happening more than once.

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    @charlie_x Please keep an eye on this, especially when the release candidate comes out. Vivaldi 1.12 window management was quirky at times (to put it kindly) but you should now find that Vivaldi 1.13 does a MUCH better job managing and remembering its window state. There are still some shortcomings with respect to macOS platform integration but at least now (for me) the window behaviour is consistent and predictable.

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