Empty input fields in forms (Admin GUI, shops, …)

  • In certain situations Vivaldi's Javascript engine (I guess that's the culprit) doesn't work reliably. Below are screenshots of a reproducable example: The Synology DSM network screen just stays empty (image 1). Everything works perfectly in Chrome or Firefox (images 1 & 2).

    This is not the only example. I've seen login screens not working, shop systems doing strange things.

    Although this happens very rarely, for our company, this means that Vivaldi must not be used in production environments because it is impossible to predict what is actually happening in the background.


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    Can confirm this on my NAS DS216II+ with DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 1.

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    Is this bug: VB-15663 "Missing information in form on a Synology DSM"


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