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  • Well, folks, you know why I'm here. Yes, the Firefox "upgrade." Anyway, I'm trying to learn new habits here instead of there, and I'm also trying to figure things out by myself. But I do want to start out with a baby question:

    How do I get everything to open in a new tab every time? Most links seem to work. But I'm noticing that when I click on a search in the Google home page, the result shows up on the same tab. I want the result in a new tab. How do I do that? I've been to the Preferences>Tabs page. Maybe I just don't have the lingo right. Thanks for your expertise, and patience.

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    @mitchnf Enable getsures, then use right-click:pull-down on links. That's the easiest way I can think of. You can also set your bookmarks to always open in a new tab, and set quick-commands (F2) to always open search in a new tab as well. Alt+enter on items you type into the addressbar or the search bar will also cause search results or whatever to open in a new tab.

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