How do I Activate Chrome Extensions

  • I guess I have been locked into Opera for too many years, but I don't know how to activate a Chrome extension I installed. I imported all of my Opera bookmarks into the bookmarks panel, but they are randomly placed and I want/need to sort them alpha-numerically. I have literally hundreds of these things and presently they are pretty useless. I read about getting Chrome extensions and so I found one that looks like it might do the trick -- SuperSorter. I downloaded it, checked to make sure it installed via [i]vivaldi://extensions[/i], it shows up there and is supposedly active. However, when I go into the bookmarks panel, I cannot find any icon or button that will bring up the SuperSorter menu. What do I look for and where do I find the button/icon? Thanks for any guidance.

  • You don't have to activate anything, just install it and that's it. You can see all of your extensions at: vivaldi://chrome/extensions

  • I can see "SuperSorter" when I check vivaldi://chrome/extensions and the incognito box is clear. But when I go to my bookmarks panel, what I cannot see is any button or icon that activates SuperSorter. With most programs, I will see a button or icon or drop down menu that will allow me a choice, etc.

    What I can't see when I am looking at all of these bookmarks in the Bookmarks Panel is any thing that will let SuperSorter do its work.

  • Extensions are still in a rough state; ones like Adblock or Ghostery which work passively are working. Chrome addons which add a button to the UI or change aspects of the browser are not working, as Vivaldi's UI is not at a customizable stage, yet.

  • Thank you. Well I guess I can quit worrying about this issue for a while.


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