fix/improve shortcuts in extensions and order of stacked tabs

  • I'm a new user of the Vivaldi browser, and I love the features. Vivaldi is such a unique and strong browser, very good for power users. The learning curve is big but definitely worth it. I used 1.12 and now I'm on 1.13.

    There are especially two things I hope they fix/improve.

    1. Shortcut for extensions. I can't set functional shortcuts for extensions such as google translate and google dictionary. Also many other doesn't work. I might be able to set them, but the window Vivaldi/global is gray and I can't choose something there. It simply doesn't work. I hope this gets fixed. Being a browser that master shortcut and keybindings like no other, should also be able to customize extension shortcuts.

    2. I love the tab-stacking function, but sometimes when I move tabs past the stacked tabs, or the stacked tabs itself, they are no longer in order if I scroll through the stacked tab. It can get very messy, if they are stacked, they should be properly stacked in that specific order you stacked it. Or if you want to change the order of the tabs that are stacked, it should be done controlled and safe, in a very obvious way. not when I move tabs around.

    Thank you for reading. Any advice or fix will be very much appreciated.
    Keep up the good work, the Vivaldi team and community. I will keep learning how to use this web-browser to its full potential.

    Edit: I also want to mention the bookmark-toolbar. In my opinion, it should be single-click to open folders and navigate. Firefox's bookmark-toolbar is easier to use. Please consider single-click, or at least as an option in the menu. I know there is an arrow for this, but the arrow hitbox is too small, would be much easier to make it a single-click instead. Also maybe remove some spacing so it becomes more compact.

    //modedit: changed title

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