Clicking to dismiss selection in address bar doesn't work well

  • Vivaldi 1.13.1008.18: clicking on selected text in address bar doesn't dismiss the selection - it doesn't seem to do anything actually. This makes it hard to use the mouse to select part of the URL when whole URL is already selected, and the URL is longer than the address field (clicking after the end of text does dismiss the selection).

    This doesn't affect text boxes inside webpages or in Settings - only the address and search fields.

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    @ender85 I don't find it hard using the mouse. The Escape key also works.

  • Works sometimes. It seems to randomly misfire and doesn't deselect text, requires a second try to deselect text in address bar, it's like a 50/50 chance, reminding the just fixed regression of middle click randomly misfiring on links

  • Keyboard works fine, but sometimes I want to select part of the address to delete it, and that's often easier with mouse - but I can't dismiss the selection in 1.13.1008.18 by just clicking the address (it's 100% reproducible for me - unless I double-click, the selection stays).

    I forgot to mention, I have "Show full address" enabled, which might be a factor.

  • vivaldi://settings/addressbar/ -- Under "Address Bar Options" deselect "Select Address on Activation". This will solve your issue. If you click on the address bar, from now on the whole text/address will never be selected, until you click thrice. I made the change some months ago and I like it. If I want to select the whole address to type over it I normally use the shortcut -- should be ctrl L on windows.

  • That's a workaround, and I like having the full address bar selected when I click it. The selection behaviour just needs to be brought in line with all other text input widgets (the problem is still present in 1.13.1008.21).

  • Strange, I can't reproduce it anymore on .21, one single click always deselect the address selection, either complete url or just part of it is selected; I have "Select Address on Activation" active.

  • @ender85 @ian-coog it's not working on vivaldi:// pages and startpage only. Right?

  • @retoree it works for me also in vivaldi:// and startpage address bar, on .18 I am sure it was randomly misfiring, now it works for me, at every single click the selection is always cleared

  • For me it consistently doesn't work in address bar (both address and search fields), and sometimes doesn't work in Settings. The selection is dismissed properly in web forms.


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