Audio Error on a recent update - Some streaming audio now plays at a slow speed

  • Since one of the last updates I've started to get an audio issue where some streams on are playing in slow speed, like 1/4 of what they should be. These are on streams I have listened to in the past with vivaldi without issues, and its not every stream on the same site so there must be something that can differ with encoding/codecs.

    I found in the forums a similar error/bug come up before where the same thing was happening with slowed down audio on video streams and it being an issue with ffmpeg. I downloaded the latest static ffmpeg 3.4 from and placed it in /usr/local/bin and made it executable but no dice.

    No issues playing the same problem streams in Chrome or Safari, both play them at a normal speed.

    Any ideas?

    Vivaldi: 1.12.955.48 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    OSX: Sierra 10.12.6
    All Extensions Disabled

    Preview if hovered over the play button plays at normal speed but when you play it, its running at 1/2 or 1/4 normal play speed.


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    Confirmed with 1.13 on Windows an Linux, too.
    Audio encoding is misdetected by Vivaldi.
    Slow Audio is a know bug on sole platforms. Fixes are in progress.

    Reported as bug: VB-34613 "[SlowAudio] Mixcloud plays slow"

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