Intel chips

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    Can Alguin explain this to me? Hidden backdoor in the Intel chips?

  • I'm not sure, but I guess this UEFI-based-on-minix is legacy and obsolete.
    So, there is a slightly chance to hijack a system booting via UEFI network and probably destroying the whole boot sector.
    Could be a quite serious issue for enterprises, but it shouldn't be an issue at all for home/small business users.
    Disabling UEFI network boot from the bios, probably helps.

  • My old computer had - among all the usual BIOS settings - the ability to wake on network activity. Such a features requires something like this. The problems being that even if you don't want wake on network activity, the hardware is still there, and you can't turn it off.

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    Minix ist only a small OS for the Intel BIOS firmware, it is not the bad program.
    The Intel Management Engine has holes, can be hacked and black hats (the bad guys) can change the firmware of mainboard and other connected hardware like graphics, USB devices (keyboard, mouse, sticks, …).

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    Of course, Minix as such is not a problem, it is a simple OS, what it shows me is that it has access to the network, which obviously can be a security and privacy hole.

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