Refresh tab thumbnail/preview on mouse-over everytime website reloads or in real-time.

  • The tab stacking is great but would be better, actually most of the whole mouse over tab preview feature would be great if it only didn;t show the first page that was loaded. Often I have over 30 tabs open 15 on each window and the tab stacking and mouse over tab was initially a god send but soon found out its draw backs, if you could refresh the tab previews
    everytime the tab changes (wether its scrolling) or just refreshing/changing url etc.. or maybe realtime how the Windows AERO feature does it would severely help my productivity.

    An option to be able to close pinned tabs and decide which options to remove from the context menu would be great.

    Vivaldi still the best browser. Thanks and all the best Vivaldi team.

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    @darknite Personally, I think the current system is best. It updates after a manual refresh. Refreshing the thumbnail every time the tab changes would increase the CPU load, reduce battery life, and use more disk-space.

    Post in the Feature Requests thread if you want this, and see if others vote for it.

  • Thx. didn't know refreshing page manually does also refresh the preview. added my feature request.

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    As i remember the manual refresh chosen was because of better performance/reducing CPU/GPU load.

    @DarkniTe Perhaps your whished feature may be implemented if it has no negative effects on the UI performance.

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