CTRL+F and DevTools issue

  • Hey there,
    if I press CRTL+F and open the Developer Tools I cannot see the close button etc of the DevTools and if I open the DevTools and then try to open the search bar with CRTL+F, nothing happens. Please fix that:)

  • @nameless Submit a Bug Report

    Edit: I already submitted three bugs:

    1. For the shortcut not closing Developers' Tools
    2. For the Bug Report detecting the wrong browser version
    3. For the find toolbar concealing the close button

    If you assign a different shortcut to Find in Page (I use "/" which is a legacy from Opera), or F3 for find next, the Find in page toolbar will open. It will overlay the close button. Press Escape to close it to gain access to the close button.

    (VB-34598) Developer's Tools Shortcut Should be a Toggle
    (VB-34599) Bug Report Wizard Detects Wrong Version
    (VB-34600) Find in Page Toolbar Conceals Close Developers' Tools Button

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