Middle click select files??

  • i use middle button to scroll pages (auto scroll) and i notice that scrolling selext text like if i'm using left button
    is this a feature i can disable?

    PS: Please don't tell me "click mid butto then release it and it's fine". i know.

  • @theinvoker The bug was fixed in the latest snapshots.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.13.1008.18 (64-bit)

  • fixed for the next release?

  • Moderator

    @theinvoker Since the fix is in the snapshot stream, it should also be included in the next Stable stream release. It's never guaranteed that every single snapshot fix makes it to stable, but usually they all do.

  • @theinvoker If you're using only the final builds, then you will see it fixed in the next release.

    Install the latest Snapshots in a different folder using the Standalone option, then if you have any serious problems with them, you can use the previous final build instead.

  • mm ok.
    i don't understand what you mean exactly but i'll wait next release and check

  • Moderator

    @theinvoker There are two release streams: Stable, which is the one you get from the Vivaldi download page, and Snapshot, which you can get on the Vivaldi Blog https://vivaldi.com/blog .

    The Stable version is updated about every six weeks or so on average, and is for normal users in daily use.

    The Snapshot version is a sort of "preview of what to expect" in the next stable release, is updated about weekly or so, and has new things for people to try out. Because it is updated as progress is made, it might have some glitches or instabilities. People should only download it if they're OK with having something break now and again. So usually, if you see something fixed in the Snapshot versions, you should expect to see it fixed in the next Stable release as well.

    Some people install and run both versions side-by-side, using a normal install for one of them and a standalone install (one of the advanced options of the installer) for the other.

  • ok thanks. i'll wait stable stable release 🙂
    It seems like LoL and PBE
    6 weeks are not so many

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