Vivaldi tries to connect to google subdomains

  • Hi,

    I'm giving Vivaldi another go after the dev tools are now dockable and because I think Vivaldi is on a good path and a few addons now don't work in FF57 anymore.

    However, I'm seeing some (strange?) behavior when it comes to "talking home". I have disabled Google as my default search engine and am using Startpage. I have also disabled the safe browsing option. However Vivaldi still wants to connect to:

    I always decide to block until I close Vivaldi with littlesnitch and from the looks of things I don't have any problem surfing the web with the domains listed being blocked.

    Could someone explain why Vivaldi still tires to connect to said domains?


  • clients* are probably used by extension (auto) updates.

  • Hey thanks for the answer, that is correct. I used this to confirm:

    For OS X the manifest.json is located here:

    ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi/Default/Extension Rules/<EXTENSION-ID><VERSION>\manifest.json

    So now the only question that remains is what the Domain is for.

  • Probably is google redirector - used from sites which use g-services; should be part of g-analytics.

  • Moderator

    Some of the Google traffic will also be related to digital certificate management and validation.

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