<3 from Serbia!

  • Just stopping by to say hello and send some love from Serbia!

    Found about Vivaldi two days ago, while having difficulties with Opera, and color profiles after calibrating my monitor. Tried Firefox at first, but I don't know, it had this weird feel all the time, couldn't figure out what.

    All I can say about this awesome piece of software is....wow! Love at first browse! Feature rich browser, brilliant looking, that actually helped me improve my productivity with Tab stacking, tilling, web panel, multiple speed dials, and gestures that actually work! Not to mention that nasty coloring problem, that is completely gone now - thanks! After trying it out, I can't see myself using anything else, but Vivaldi. And not to mention common.css, and aesthetic possibilities that it offers, without braking a sweat!

    I'm thrilled about it, and so happy I found it. It still holds this effect on me, of putting a smile on my face every time I browse the Web.

    Keep up it guys, and girls! (Puno pozdrava i ljubavi iz Srbije! <3)

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