5 built-in Vivaldi features that help you browse faster

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    Browsing speed is not only affected by the time it takes to render a webpage but also by the time it takes to reach that webpage. Here’s our pick of Vivaldi features that will help you browse faster.

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    You covered the main points, but you forgot about mouse gestures. I think I use these even more frequently than keyboard shortcuts.

    • GestureLeft = Back
    • GestureRight = Forward
    • GestureRight, GestureLeft = Show/Hide panels (on right)
    • GestureDown = Scroll to bottom
    • GestureUp = Scroll to Top

  • Every time a new blog came out, there will be a new snapshot? hahaha, I think tonight another snapshot will come.

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    I can't live without them

    1. Single Key Shortcuts: Z - page back and X - page forward.
    2. Mouse Flip to performe the same action above, in addition to switch between Tabs
    3. Quick Commands to load the page using the URL nickname
    4. Page Tiling
    5. Notes

    Edited: I didn't read the "full blog post" before listing the 5 built-in Vivaldi features

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    It is a fact that the functions of Vivaldi are extremely useful in day-to-day life. I usually use them in this sequence:
         1. Tab Tiling (It helps a lot when I'm studying)
         2. Web Panels (I leave usual things like Google Translate, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp)
         3. Notes (Use daily to catch some programming concepts)
         4. Quick commands (I do not need to take my hand off the keyboard to do a certain task)
    I would almost forget about Nickname Search breaking a big bump for me, not having to be in the settings to change the search engine whenever it is needed.

  • Startup time is still a weak side of the browser.

  • @7pot said in 5 built-in Vivaldi features that help you browse faster:

    Startup time is still a weak side of the browser.

    Honestly I see no difference between Vivaldi, Chrome and Firefox.
    I have these extensions ... Image

  • I think the function I use most is the quick command, my shortcut is Ctrl + Q, but it does not delete the default f2. I did not know I would need this until I started using Vivaldi, I love this function! Speed ​​up a lot!

    Another feature that I like a lot is nicknames in the bookmarks and folders, I think it's great that you can put some sites in a folder and give a nickname for the folder, there you enter the nickname and all the sites that are inside the folder are opened.

    The panel in general, another function I like a lot! Be able to add any website, have history, bookmarks, downloads, everything very fast, quick access without you needing to leave the page you are visiting.

    Notes, before I used Windows Notepad extensively to write down certain things that interest me when I'm on a website, now I have everything in Vivaldi, this function is incredibly useful for me!

    A feature that was recently added to Vivaldi, a panel of windows, I'm using a lot! When I have a lot of open flaps, I do the organizing work all over, stacking tabs, etc.

    There are many features I like in Vivaldi, reading mode, of course, I could not forget the stacking of tabs, how to live without this function in a browser?! Very good!

  • @juniorsilva30 I think the reason is the number of tabs (100+). Opera and Firefox work just fine. Actually, Opera has a regression here as it began to load unnecessary tabs.

    May be you have better hardware as my two laptop cores cannot handle Vivaldi well. Anyway, it is at least two times slower and I do not know where the blocker is.

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    @7pot extreme slowdowns are often related to security software. "Disabling" said software sometimes is no remedy. Several users have solved slowdowns by uninstalling the security software and installing something else.

  • Can you integrate cortana with vivaldi (use MS edge to know). I like the 2 browser edge and vivaldi because both are unique in thier own way, but i d really want to see an AI integrated wiith vivaldi

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    @yogeyaa Is it voice dictation that you want, or are you more interested in controlling the browser with voice commands?

    If the former, vote for @jenny_666 said in Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14:


    Or, Post in the Feature Requests thread

  • @juniorsilva30: For me, it isn't Startup time, it's Close Down time. It takes 10-15 minutes for Vivaldi to close down all the vivaldi.exe instances in Task Manager, before I can startup again. I only have approx 40-50 Tabs.

  • Is there something I can do to maintain the size of the page through rebooting? I'm having to resize my pages after every reboot.

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