Gmail Keyboard shortcuts issue

  • Quick issue to report: -When you're in gmail, the keyboard shortcuts to navigate ('j' and 'k' to move up and down within the inbox) do not work. Specifically, when the page first loads, the keyboard shortcuts work. If you click on an email, and then click the 'back' button (not the browser back, the button with in gmail interface) - this returns you to the main inbox. The keyboard shortcuts then won't work. If you mouse click somewhere within the page, the keyboard shortcuts become active again.

  • Moderator

    This would be a failure to focus the surface of the page on clicking "back." it' something the developers should know - especially considering that the version just before this one failed to focus ANY newly arrived-at pages, regardless of how one got there, meaning that in order for "home" and "end" buttons to work, one had to click on the newly-arrived-at-page in every case.


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