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  • Hey everyone, I have a tiny suggestion. I have this (maybe bad?) habit of visiting a news aggregator website and then opening all the articles I want in new tabs, a new tab for each article. In other browsers I am used to stay on the same page while the new tabs open and then I can visit them. Here, everytime a new tab opens, it "throws" me to that tab, so I always have to go to the original tab, open a new one, go to original, open a new one, and so on... Would it be possible to implement this simple function to stay on teh same page when opening new tabs? What is your opinion on that?

  • I'd like this feature as well, however, I'd also like to add that it would be a bonus to be able to have these new tabs opened up via middle mouse click or right mouse -> new tab open as a tab inside a tab stack of the current tab. I think for people that use the browser like myself and Klorec that could help keep us organized.

  • Oh I ABSOLUTELY second that, middle click to open a new tab is a must 🙂 Thanks for extending my idea!

  • Moderator

    Nothing wrong with your habit. Until "open in background tab" is implemented in the context menu (which I'm sure it will be), you can middle-click or Ctrl+click on the articles you want to open in background tabs, and you will stay on the tab you are on, while they open.

  • As Ayespy said, this is already implemented with middle-click and CTRL-click…

    And since this has been asked a million times already I'm sure it will appear in the right-click context menu soon.


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