Can we share your staked tabs with someone? [Feature+Necessity]

  • I HAVE A Feature that could be very usefull and kinda of simple, talking about coding (maybe not so simple).
    Why can't I Share a bunch of staked tabs with Vivaldi? (With share, I meant: Send all the links for another person, separated by Name+Link...)
    I've some tabs staked and I wanted to share then with a friend, then I realized that I couldn't do it...

    Has anyone already had this idea??

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    You mean: send one or more favorite tabs/links to an other person by mail?

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    It is easy to save the tab-stack as a bookmark folder.

    You can export all of your bookmarks to a file, but I don't see any obvious way to export just a selected folder.

    One can also open a tab-stack in a new window and save the active window as a session, but again I am not sure how convenient it would be to save the binary files that are saved sessions.

    Definitely a valid feature request there somewhere.

  • @pesala said in Can we share your staked tabs with someone? [Feature+Necessity]:

    Definitely a valid feature request there somewhere.

    Agreed. In doing collaborative online research, it could be highly useful to be able to export/import a specific tab stack "cluster" of sites grouped around a particular subject. That way, multiple users could jointly explore or utilize the same information, which could rather easily be changed by simply re-exporting/re-importing various stacks. Moreover, it would provide a mechanism for readily creating and keeping specific archives of related sites for future reference.


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