Why the Vivaldi webmail?

  • There are already so many web mail services on the market, and a few of them are doing quite well - though there is only one being the best - what makes Vivaldi web mail special?

    I see it's clean and simple, but is it the only one clean and simple?

  • Well, why not? Some people might find Vivaldi Webmail to be a welcome addition and a nice way of escaping the jaws of the likes of Google and Microsoft or some other big, not-so-privacy-friendly corporations, others might look at it as the simple, clean webmail service that fits their needs and is trustworthy, and some other people might even not even care much for it, all of those are valid.

    Having alternatives (simple or complex) is always good, I'd say, and as long as the webmail service isn't hurting Vivaldi, why not have it? I have already made it my main webmail service! :slight_smile:

  • @merryweather Actually, I never considered some of these things that you've mentioned so ... thanks for the information. Besides, another webmail account is always welcome if you are a member of various forums.

  • btw, can someone explain me: where's the difference between vivaldi mail an vivaldi webmail? I know, it's the same, but why different frontends and urls?

  • I could access my standard email via their webmail, but I have a problem with them. My ISP is one of those that partners with Yahoo, so I'd have a branded Yahoomail. That in itself is bad enough. However, I know for a fact that Yahoo rejects some messages I want to receive without even telling me, apparently having decided that the sender (in this case, Opera.com) must be a spammer. So I had to tell Opera to send my email messages here!

  • @derDay: Some rummaging through posts tells me that both exist...because of choice. One came first, then the other came second, like an update, but they seem to have kept the "old one" for people who prefer the other webmail interface - user choice, essentially.
    Someone who has been around here for longer might be able to give a better answer, though.

    Source: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/14731/why-are-there-two-separate-webmail-interfaces-mail-and-webmail

  • @merryweather thx for the explanation and the link

  • @merryweather thanks for the insights. I feel that the big players are more reliable: they can provide the service for longer time and keep adding new features.

    Is the webmail meant for Vivaldi browser users or everyone? I may move to another browser in a couple of year if it jumps out better than Vivaldi....

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    @zhangdl The webmail is for anyone who signs up. It doesn't matter what browser is used to access the site. It's just a convenience that is offered to people who were originally attracted by the browser, but it doesn't matter who uses it.

  • @merryweather Nice distillation; i certainly agree.

  • @zhangdl: It is possible that the "big ones" may be around for longer, yes. After all, Microsoft and Google, just to name two, have resources that lots of other companies merely dream of having (though this resource/durability/reliability thing doesn't always follow "conventional logic").
    With that said, however, it's important that other services exist, otherwise we'll see complete domination from one or two big players, leaving people without a choice - or, at least, very limited choices. Can we work in such an environment? Yes, probably... but being able to pick from a slightly bigger list sounds a bit more pleasant! :slight_smile:

    As for the second thing, what @Ayespy said. The same way Gmail/Outlook aren't Chrome/Edge exclusives, Vivaldi Mail is for everyone - I still use firefox sometimes, and it works just fine there.

  • @zhangdl said in Why the Vivaldi webmail?:

    I feel that the big players are more reliable

    Me too... at commodifying your data, at valuing you not so much as a user but as a treasure trove of monetisable private information. I abhor such practices & companies. Shall i also mention alleged cooperation with ASIO/GCHQ/NSA et al? Vivaldi is a veritable oasis in contrast. And hey, i get a superb browser to boot. :-)

  • hello zhangdl
    It gives two chances at being special on the web; the webmail. and the mail.
    Will you use a client or web? what webbasedemailvbox do you prefer? Preference here is for mail.vivaldi . n e t . It is very close decision between the two very nice eboxes.
    given in pretend: here's our mail. service.; and here is a model of webmail. will begin inside vivaldi and test with these two (for years) should cover it. dream a little. free with great features email vivaldi. really nice service to promote. This shows confidence in the browser that the vivaldi browser will not be overlooked by a vivaldi email sign-up.

  • @merryweather There are much more choices for the email service. Even my internet service provider provides me one...

    To me, vivaldi browser is unique, but vivaldi mail is not as special. Developing & Maintining a email service does need some resources. So I feel more effort could be put to enforce the uniquness of the browser, instead of providing an ordinary webmail, unless Vivaldi plans to make the webmail as unique as the browser in the future...

  • @merryweather said in Why the Vivaldi webmail?:

    I have already made it my main webmail service!

    Actually, my question is not just "why vivaldi provide a webmail?" but also "why do you choose vivaldi webmail?" I wonder, what webmail do you use before, and why did you drop it? Did you move all your old emails to the new one? Do you need to notify all your contacts that you have changed email address?

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    Perhaps a misunderstanding? Vivaldi webmail is created as a gift, a own community mail address, but is is not a mail hosting service.

  • @zhangdl: Yes, there are many other choices out there - just saying that if we all stick to one or two, we might get to a point when there are almost no choices, is all.

    Why did I switch to Vivaldi Webmail, though? It fits what I need, to begin with - it's a nice and clean/simple service. Then there's also the case of Google and Microsoft (I used gmail and outlook) going down a road that does not please me, which is the "here's a free service, but the cost of using it is a lot of data about you and the things you do/like" kind of road, along with other privacy-related situations that raise to the surface, from time to time.
    Vivaldi claims to be different, and hasn't given me reasons to believe they're lying (quite the opposite, actually), all that is what makes it "special" to me.
    And, of course, switching did involve some effort, as I had to update contact details, move a couple of things and notify some people, but I find it worth the time.

    Obviously, that's just my take/experience on the whole thing. As they say, your mileage may vary! :slight_smile:

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