Extension buttons are almost invisible

  • Hello guys,
    there is one thing I find pretty disturbing about Vivaldi's GUI and it's how extension buttons look. Here is my humble set - uBlock, Pocket and LastPass, all of them are red. The default Vivaldi's window color is also red. Look at the screenshot - the pocket and lastpass buttons are hard to even see.
    I know could change the window color, I already did it - but you have to configure it and I think the browser should work OK without any modification.
    (BTW: Am I only man who finds the default change-ui-color-based-on-website feature maybe cool, but also pretty annoying when comes to regular use?)
    To be honest I have no idea how the problem could be solved - but maybe you will come with something.

  • Well, I never liked the 'accent color from active page' setting either. It's more a gimmick than a useful feature, but no one is forced to use it. You can just turn it off in settings.

    As to the problem at hand, there are multiple ways you can go about this. For example you can go to the extensions directory in your profile, open up the paths of the extensions with the barely visible icons, find the icons, open them in a graphics editor and edit them to a visible color. The downside of this approach is that you have to save the edited icons outside of the extension and copy them back in, whenever one of the according extension updates. It's not persistent.

    Another way is modifying Vivaldi and giving the extensions wrapper a different background. For example white, gray or black.
    How to: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/10549/modding-vivaldi/

  • You can only change the theme colors to fit your needs, there will be always some extension that use similar colors whatever color you choose, just pick one that make all your extensions colors visible. I also have disabled the accent color based on site in my theme, I'm ok with having a consistent color.

  • @luetage I didn't know about the possibility of changing extension wrapper background, thank you, it is exactly what i was looking for.
    But part of the problem is still there: when someone downloads Vivaldi and wants to use these (quite common) extensions, (s)he has to do some configuration to see them. It doesn't work out of the box (it can be one of reasons to switch back to another browser).
    I think it should be fixed in the browser itself. But I don't really know how - as @iAN-CooG writes, each extension has different color and whatever color you choose, there will be always some with invisible icons.

  • @petr-wudi The only thing Vivaldi could do is giving the extension icons a different background by default, which would alter the face of the browser. It's definitely possible, but I prefer how it's now. As said, there are workarounds.

  • @petr-wudi The way I look at it, the browser colors are whatever they are... and one could just at easily complain that the extensions use the 'wrong' color. As it stands, some of the extensions on my system like Ghostery, ScriptSafe, and History On/Off use non-red icon colors and 'disappear' against certain other background colors besides red. Moreover, some extensions switch their own colors depending on their functionality, so there may be no perfect color that would contrast with all the colors.


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