Can we limit what appears in the address bar drop down?

  • I find it frustrating that Vivaldi is putting everything typed in the address bar into it's history. And it seems to be doubling up things too. For example, if I type a search for "bananas" in the search bar afterwards I see two entries in the dropdown "g bananas" and "y bananas".

    As a result if I click the address bar dropdown I see maybe 3 sites and a bunch of searches. In other browsers the dropdown works almost like favourite bookmarks with most regularly typed sites being in the list. Not every single item I've searched on.

    Is there any way we can restrict the drop down to just show actual addresses rather than searches?

    And why is it showing both a Google and (I assume) Yahoo search in the list?

  • Ok, that's weird. There doesn't appear to be an option to edit our posts. So I guess I'll just reply to myself.

    Found another post setting out the problem better here:

    I did try searching before posting but obviously didn't find that one before.

    edit: And that's also weird... the little Three dots button provides a dropdown that includes an option to edit. But the first couple times I tried clicking it nothing appeared. Site lag?

  • There are some changes in the recent snapshots, regarding duplication and such. No setting to remove searches though.

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