Stop should mean STOP LOADING OF THE PAGE RIGHT NOW! But it does not happen…

  • I remember that one of the first things that hit me positively when I started to use Opera 5 back in the year 2000, was that when I pressed "Esc" or "X" (Stop) button on a navigation bar, the loading of the page was stopping immediately, right in that very moment - in contrary to clumsy Internet Explorer when you could hit Stop a thousand times but it had no effect. I can see that in Vivaldi: - "Esc" does not work as a shortcut to trigger Stop loading page, - pressing Stop button does not stop immediately - the browser is still for some time downloading the content, working on displaying it and loading flash plugins after stopping. Neither of these three should happen, right? Please make the Stop work as sharp as cutting by a knife, like in Opera 5 onwards (not sure about the latest versions on Chrome).

  • Confirmed.

    Looks like STOP=RELOAD

  • +1

  • Can confirm. +1.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, this is a known issue yes, we have our eyes on it 🙂

  • I know the fashion is to make the refresh/stop button switch out, but could you make them into separate buttons again? Because having a stop button that can be used to stop videos or scripts from loading isn't useful if it's being obscured by the Refresh button 🙂


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