Connected apps in Google Drive don't work

  • When I use "Connected apps" to open a file in, it opens a new tab with blank URL and no content. This does not happen in Chrom/ium or Firefox (the file is opened with the desired app properly). The bug occurs even in Vivaldi incognito mode.

    To reproduce, upload a file, say (doesn't matter what the file content is) to Try to use any connected app (mine is ShiftEdit) to open, the bug will occur. This is definitely not a ShiftEdit bug because the bug manifests when I use other apps as well.


  • @sorawee That's unfortunate, but in a few more months this app won't work on Chrome itself, because apps will become deprecated by then.

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    @luetage They will still work on Chrome OS. Only there.

  • @ayespy Correct, but if @sorawee goes out and buys a chromebook, they won't be using Vivaldi on it. For all other operating systems chrome apps are dead in the water.

  • @sorawee
    You are not the only one with this problem.
    I posted about it here:

    Alex Z17 posted about it on macOS

    And Zodius posted about it on Windows

    Two bug reports have been filed, VB-30759 by me, and VB-26548 by Zodius.

    The problem is unarguably with Vivaldi as per your analysis as well as mine.

    Moreover, on 12/18/17 I accessed my Google Drive account using Firefox and opened a file using Drive Notepad (a connected app). So the problem is not with connected apps nor with Google. Nor is Google somehow restricting the use of connected apps to Chromium/Chrome.

    More specifically, I think that the problem is that Vivaldi is not handling shareable links, the ids that Google generates to reference files when they're being shared. (The shareable link for a file can be obtained by right clicking on a file.)

    So why do I think that Vivaldi is not handling the shareable link for a file?

    First, I can create and save a file using Drive Notepad. To create a file with Drive Notepad (and probably also with ShiftEdit) in Google Drive I click on "New > More" and then select Drive Notepad. So to this extent this connected app works properly.

    But the problem is that I cannot then use Drive Notepad to access the file which now exists.

    HOWEVER, with Vivaldi 1.2 (where there was no problem) I discovered that the file is accessed with a URL that looks like this:[some info for Drive Notepad][the shareable link for the file]

    and using this I could access the file.

    THEN if I replaced the shareable link for that file with the shareable link for another file, I could open the other file.

    Moreover, this same hack works for another connected app named Anyfile Notepad.

    So that's why I think the fundamental problem is that Vivaldi isn't handling shareable links.

    Now what can be done about this is the next problem.

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    Some pages do not work in Vivaldi webpanel.
    And i fear, if you are using Private Window tabs and webpanels have no relation, so login in a tab will not work for using a webpanel.

  • @sorawee
    In my preceding post I showed that Vivaldi's problem with using Google Drive's connected apps most probably lies in Vivaldi not handling the id (the shareable link) that Google generates to identify a file. And I indicated how to get that shareable link.

    But that left the issue of how to get the URL of the connected app, and more broadly, the issue of a general workaround to the whole problem. Here's what I've found to be a simple solution:

    1. Use a non-Vivaldi browser (Firefox, Chromium) to login to your Google Drive

    2. Using the connected app that has given the blank screen, open the file you want to access.

    3. Once the file is displayed, a URL will appear in the address box. Copy this and paste it into a file. Next to it put the name of the file just accessed.

    4. Do steps 2 and 3 for any file you want to access using a connected app. Put all these URLs and names into the same file.
      This will create a file containing a list that looks like this:

    File-1 <URL of connected app with the shareable link of File-1>
    File-2 <URL of connected app with the shareable link of File-2>
    File-3 <URL of connected app with the shareable link of File-3>
    File-4 <URL of connected app with the shareable link of File-4>

    1. Save this file in Google Drive.

    2. Then in Vivaldi, to access a file in the list (e.g., File-3) by using the connected app which is associated with that file, do the following :

    a. display the file containing the list using Google Drive's preview facility
    b. copy the URL corresponding to the file to be accessed
    (e.g., <URL of connected app with the shareable link of File-3>)
    c. open a new tab and paste that URL into the address box of that tab.

    The file should open in the connected app.

    One file can be opened with several different connected apps. To do this, just use the procedures in steps 2 and 3 to open the file in the different apps and get each different URL. Then paste each URL under the name of the file in the list in step 4. The procedure in step 6 can then be used to open a file in the desired app.

    Note: changing the content of a file using a connected app or opening it with different connected apps does not change the shareable link (id) of the file.

    The procedures in this post have been verified as of Jan. 4, 2018.

  • @gwen-dragon
    The problem we're having does not involve webpanels or Private Window tabs. Also, it is a problem with what Google calls "connected apps," not with extensions.

    To experience the problem do the following (I'll assume that you already have a Google account and I'll use Drive Notepad as an example of a connected app):

    Using Vivaldi

    1. login to Google Drive.
    2. in the upper left, click on New > More > Connect more apps.
    3. search for Drive Notepad, click Connect.
      (You may have to authorize it either now or in step 5 below)
      Now return to the Drive screen.
    4. Again click New > More. Drive Notepad should appear in the list of apps.
    5. Click on Drive Notepad; use it to create and save a test file.
    6. The test file should now appear in your list of files in Google Drive.
    7. Right click on it, then click on Preview, then on Open with, then on Drive Notepad in the list of apps that appears.
    8. You will get a blank screen.

    If you use Firefox or Chromium to access Google Drive and repeat step 7, the test file will open in Drive Notepad.

    To disconnect the app from Google Drive, go to Settings > Manage Apps > Options (opposite the app you want to disconnect) > Disconnect from Drive.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Jan. 28, 2019 - It seems that this problem has been fixed as of version 1.15.1147.64 (Stable channel) unknown. I haven't tested any subsequent versions.

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    @hbaldwin You are running a very old and insecure version of Vivaldi.


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