Custom Speed Dial Thumbnails

  • Hello everyone.
    Here are few custom Speed Dial thumbnails. I did make them sometime ago because I could not find them.

    Link: Vivaldi - Speed Dial Thumbnails (@ google photos)
    List thumbnails:

    • Alza (sk)
    • AnimeNewsNetwork (ANN)
    • HoblyLink Japan (HLJ)
    • Jlist
    • MyAnimeList (MAL)
    • Pinterest
    • Pixiv
    • theAnimeGallery
    • theVideoGamegallery
    • Twitter
    • YouTube

    I will probably make few others, but don't know when and witch one 😉
    Or if someone would like one make a request, I could make one for you (but probably it will take me long time, I'm lazy and don't have much free time)

  • Thanks for sharing

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