Adblocker wanted ASAP

  • As per the title I think many folk will just go back to Opera if there is no ad blocker, I will add the inane you must wait 240 seconds before making 1st post is mad

  • Hey @PJGreenandwhite, give Adguard a try. You can get it from the chrome extensions store for free.

  • @pjgreenandwhite

    many folk will just go back to Opera

    With all profesionall open source ads blocker that is not tied to any company agenda such as uBlock0, ABP or Adguard?

    I prefer Vivaldi devs to focus to maintain a browser than to fix a blocker in a browser.
    I don't even use ads built in blocker in Opera. I just can't trust it. At least in Android, it allow Google ads, avoiding Google Play ban that is.
    Who know what it allow in Opera desktop.

    Beside, there's one thing more too watchout, the web author. They're easily block any browsers that known to deplete their revenue.
    How Opera could survive? My logic said is by allowing some ads/trackers like ABP done (could opt out).

  • Considering the amount of decent ad-blocking solutions out there, and the number of things the vivaldi team are working on, it doesn't seem likely that the idea of a built-in adblocker will gain steam soon, if ever. In fact, I think this has been discussed a few times before?

    Not that I will be complaining much if it ever happens, but, as said above, with solutions like uBlock (among others) out there, it doesn't really seem to be a "must have" feature. Other widely used browsers out there don't have built-in ad-blocking solutions and Opera doesn't really seem to be steamrolling them and stealing their users.

    Maybe "one or two" people will go back to Opera over this, but I don't believe that the majority of users who ditched Opera for Vivaldi will do it just because of that - I mean, they probably didn't come here specifically looking for a browser that blocks ads on its own...

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    @ayespy said in Integrate Adblock Plus into Vivaldi…:

    The new wave of web development is defeating adblockers.

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    I do not like having an adblocker incorporated in the browser, many times they work only partially and also in an interested way.
    I use Adblock Genesis (it's an extended uBlock Origin) and Privacy Batcher that blocks hidden crawlers that have some websites.
    The services they offered to me do not have any adblocker that browsers bring

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