Would like to see the following features

    1. right click "open in background tab" 2) speed-dial ability to drag webpage shortcuts into folders (can already be done in bookmark page) 3) speed-dial customization ability (eg. decrease size of shortcuts/folders) 4) import of settings from opera 12.xx (bookmarks, passwords, speed-dial) - currently does not work Currently running techpreview2 on ubuntu 14.04 in unity. Very nice and quick browser. Keep up the good work.

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    I think we'll see that first item pretty soon. Until then you can use middle-click or Ctrl+click to open in background tab.

  • Great as the first is most critical from every day usability.

    The others less important at this point.

  • Hello All,

    The main thing I would like to see right now is a choice of skins/themes/colour schemes. As you can see from the screenshot below, everything is in varying shades of light blue and grey. The overall contrast among the different elements is much to low for me to read comfortably for long periods.


    Currently using (Developer Build) preview on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

  • Overall browser experience is great for a first tech preview. It is snappy and works like a charm.

    I would like to be able to import my bookmarks from chrome. This is absolutely essential for people who want to migrate to Vivaldi.

    The back and forward buttons of my mouse are not supported. I would like to see that feature soon.

    A built-in java-plugin would also be very useful to use with the applets. I don't see any browser out there that supports java natively.

    LastPass support will be great as well.

    Thanks for your efforts. It is really appreciated and is definitely in the right direction.

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    For importing bookmarks - for now you can export your chrome bookmarks to HTML and then import the HTML file to Vivaldi.

  • Looking at my earlier post i realize I wasn't very clear. What I'd like to see would be options for higher contrast settings to make text easier to read, particularly if one is using an older screen. I.e. if a website has green text on a tan background, the green text would become darker and the tan background become lighter. The goal would be to improve ease of reading, not neccessarily to change the appearance of page overall.<br /><br />Also nice would be an option to zoom the text on a page at a separate increment than the page as a whole. There's a plug-in in FireFox that allows <ctrl-+> to zoom page by 5% and text by 10% simoultaneously. An option to increase the size of fonts in Vivaldi itself would be great as well. <br /><br />Still, it's really good so far and i find myself using it more and more.<br /><br />Thanks.<br />Dzienkue.


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