Vivaldi doesn't restore previous session when opened

  • Hi guys. I noticed quite a disturbing bug. Whenever I close Vivaldi by using the close window button (top left), the sessions don't get restored once Vivaldi is restarted. The only time they do get back is when Vivaldi gets closed by right clicking on the icon in the docker and quitting from there.

    This is a fresh install of Vivaldi, and I also have this problem on my other Mac. Can Vivaldi team please have a look at it and fix it? Thanks!

  • What settings do you have at: "start with ..."?
    Can your last session still be found in the trash can?

  • It is set to start up with last session in the preferences. It does appear in the trash can. I only just realized that. Still would prefer if I didn't have to, of course .


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