Copy & paste has gotten even worse

  • Re: Copy & paste shortcuts constantly fail

    After some recent update, now Vivaldi sometimes doesn't paste anything at all from clipboard.

    Really annoying.

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    @dogma00 Is this with the latest Vivaldi snapshot and is there a specific circumstance where your copy/paste issues replicate (more) consistently?

    I've experienced copy/paste glitches occasionally (and I think it always involves Vivaldi and some other application) but in my case they're intermittent.

  • I have the latest stable release 1.13.1008.40.

    It happens all the time, every day. That's the only specific circumstance I can think of.

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    @dogma00 Cannot reproduce. Do you use any extensions?

    Do you use any clipboard apps?

  • @ayespy I doubt you are using macOS often enough to be able to judge this. Copy/paste issues are real, they happen frequently, but aren't persistent.

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    @luetage Mebbe it is a Mac thing. Doesn't happen in Win or Linux. Mac is, far and away, our most problematic platform. As a population, Vivaldi has more aficionados of Linux and Mac among both its developers and its users, by percentage, than there are among web denizens as a whole. And while Win and Linux are fairly trouble-free, Mac is a chronic headache.

  • From previous thread
    @gwen-dragon said in Copy & paste shortcuts constantly fail:

    But I see we already have a reopened report, VB-25997 "Copy-Paste stops working outside of Vivaldi"


    Copy/paste issues are real, they happen frequently, but aren't persistent.

    Is that bug still open - or is there another for the problem?

  • I see copy & pasting failing frequently on windows as well (typically with URLs from the address bar). Strangely cut & paste does work.

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    @tbgbe The bug was filed in Feb 2017, was resolved, and with Chromium apparently breaking it again, it was reopened Dec 6 2017.

  • I will try to give my two cents here ..

    @Ayespy - it is definitely happening under windows too.
    On my machine ( win 7 ) no clipboard apps, and no extensions with latest release as of today ( jan.2018 ).

    From my observations this has to do with the amount of times that one uses copy&paste inside one particular tab , and also the relation to the amount of tabs open at that moment . It is not happening on the first copy&paste instance ( at least not for me ) but only after several chained operations ( I am using the browser for a lot of different edits in input fields - just like the one used on this forum )
    More over - restarting the browser not always helps - and unlike some posts
    here - cut&paste fails just the same.
    Another interesting observation is that the data IS available on the clipboard to be pasted in other applications. Just Vivaldi refuses to paste it ,.

  • I, too, have experienced the copy and paste mystery. My experience is related to keyboard shortcuts to copy & paste. I will highlight text in another application for example, use command + c go to Vivaldi and use command + p to paste. When nothing is pasted, right-clicking and selecting paste from the context menu, or selecting Edit -> Paste from the file menu properly pastes the content. After using either method, command + v then works pasting the content.

  • The bug remains. Version 1.14.1077.45 for Mac.

    It's so annoying I switched back to Firefox. I just briefly tested if it was fixed in the latest stable Vivaldi version. Wasn't.

  • Haven't experienced this on Snapshot since early 1.14...

    Had some inconsistencies with copying, but this was caused by AutoCopy extension, which I disabled. Now all's fine here...

  • I experience this on macOS as well...

  • Does this issue persist regardless of whether you use the Command+V or Right-Click+[From Menu]Paste methods?

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    FYI, the bug for this issue is still open.

    I sympathize with anyone and everyone that has run into a frustrating bug. I've even experienced this one a few times... but have not found any way to reproduce it. Ideally, it would be nice to get the steps-to-reproduce down to:

    • Perform a clean installation of Vivaldi 1.14.1077.45
    • Perform the following setup actions
    • Go to the following web site
    • Select "this" specific text using "this" method
    • Go to this web page/application
    • Paste the text using "this" method

    However, I think that this is one of those bugs where it's not just the copy/paste that's involved but some other subtle nuance (or setting or extension) that triggers the bug. If anyone can figure out what that is and get a friend to reproduce this bug on a different computer, please share.

    True story: I recently found a bug where I was able to crash Vivaldi by closing a tab. Nobody could reproduce it. It was happening all the time. It was driving me crazy. I tried to find the exact steps to reproduce it and the harder I tried, the less it would reproduce. Then it suddenly occurred to me that Vivaldi only crashed when I closed a tab after reading a news article, and only when I wasn't trying to reproduce it.

    (💡goes on in my head.) I was scrolling the article and closed the tab when I hit the comments... and the bug would only trigger if I closed the tab while the page was still scrolling.

    When I (and others) did each step carefully and deliberately, the bug WOULD NOT reproduce. Once I added the part about my left hand closing the tab with Command-W while my right hand was still performing a scroll gesture on the trackpad, everybody was then able to reproduce it easily and the bug was fixed the next day.

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    I think I just found the trigger -- Copy and Paste work just fine for me until I right-click on the URL box in the Address Bar. As soon as I do that, Copy/Paste breaks.

    If Copy/Paste is broken for you in Vivaldi, could you please right-click on a blank area of a web page and have a close look at the context menu that pops up? Do you see a Services menu item or perhaps new items such as "Add to iTunes as a Spoken Track"?

  • I also have the problem on Mac again and again. I can't reproduce it, it just pops up all the time. I also can't reproduce it with right clicking on the adress bar.

    When the copy and paste bug appears, it's not possible to copy or paste text with the shortcut or the menu bar. Only with the right click context menu it's working. After a restart of Vivaldi it's working again.

    Vivaldi: 1.15.1099.3
    MacOS: 10.13.3

  • I can't trigger it by right clicking address bar either. It may as well be a trigger for some, but apparently not on my setup.

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    Thanks very much for testing. This is definitely a VERY strange bug but I just triggered it again with Vivaldi 1.15 and the latest Vivaldi 1.14 Stable release (new profile, default options, no extensions) using the following steps:

    • Launch
    • Launch Vivaldi (Vivaldi opens with the Start Page)
    • Help / Community ( opens in a new tab)
    • Select " is a place for our friends." and copy with Command-C
    • Paste copied text into TextEdit with Command-V (This should work)
    • Switch back to Vivaldi; right-click on URL box. (Context menu appears; sometimes with "Services" sub-menu at the bottom, sometimes with "Add to iTunes as a Spoken Track")
    • Select "Follow the progress of Vivaldi’s development" and copy with Command-C
    • Paste copied text into TextEdit with Command-V

    Expected result: "Follow the progress of Vivaldi’s development" gets pasted.

    Actual result: " is a place for our friends." gets pasted.


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