Copy & paste has gotten even worse

  • Re: Copy & paste shortcuts constantly fail

    After some recent update, now Vivaldi sometimes doesn't paste anything at all from clipboard.

    Really annoying.

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    @dogma00 Is this with the latest Vivaldi snapshot and is there a specific circumstance where your copy/paste issues replicate (more) consistently?

    I've experienced copy/paste glitches occasionally (and I think it always involves Vivaldi and some other application) but in my case they're intermittent.

  • I have the latest stable release 1.13.1008.40.

    It happens all the time, every day. That's the only specific circumstance I can think of.

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    @dogma00 Cannot reproduce. Do you use any extensions?

    Do you use any clipboard apps?

  • @ayespy I doubt you are using macOS often enough to be able to judge this. Copy/paste issues are real, they happen frequently, but aren't persistent.

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    @luetage Mebbe it is a Mac thing. Doesn't happen in Win or Linux. Mac is, far and away, our most problematic platform. As a population, Vivaldi has more aficionados of Linux and Mac among both its developers and its users, by percentage, than there are among web denizens as a whole. And while Win and Linux are fairly trouble-free, Mac is a chronic headache.

  • From previous thread
    @gwen-dragon said in Copy & paste shortcuts constantly fail:

    But I see we already have a reopened report, VB-25997 "Copy-Paste stops working outside of Vivaldi"


    Copy/paste issues are real, they happen frequently, but aren't persistent.

    Is that bug still open - or is there another for the problem?

  • I see copy & pasting failing frequently on windows as well (typically with URLs from the address bar). Strangely cut & paste does work.

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    @tbgbe The bug was file in Feb 2017, was resolved, and with Chromium apparently breaking it again, it was reopened Dec 6 2017.

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