Syncing Viv from home to work?

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    I've not found a way to successfully sync Vivaldi from home to work. I've recently fully left Firefox as it's just bogging my system down too much and I can't seem to find what's causing the memory leaks or what ever is going on. Vivaldi is worlds better than Chrome, which I know is an offshoot but set up better for my needs and my habits from Firefox (like double clicking on a tab to close it). It's the little things that can make switching much more enjoyable.

    So currently I am without a way, that I know of, to fully sync my Vivaldi browser from home, that I have set up perfectly, with my newly installed Vivaldi at work and I'm a little frustrated so here I am. I really hope there is a way to do this or a work around to get this exactly the same.

    I tried zipping up the User Data folder from home and then dropped it into dropbox and applied that to my Vivaldi at work with errors so now I know that won't work.


    Thank you,

  • Depends on what you need synced. At the moment using a third party bookmarks and password manager is probably the easiest solution if you want it really automatic. Extensions and settings you will have to do manually. Or wait for Vivaldi to release sync, which should happen at some point.

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    @luetage Settings are transferable. Extensions and passwords are not.

    The currently-being-internally-tested Vivaldi sync works famously for extensions and passwords and tabs and notes, but not yet all other settings.

  • @ayespy Good to know. Thanks. I look forward to this tool for Viv. Extensions should be added to the list of sync'able stuff as well as passwords. Things should just work from work station to work station. If it's an end user with a password protection set up worrying about someone hacking shouldn't be an issue........

  • @ayespy tell me please, extensions synced with their own setting? Or sync worked as in chrome: for just list of installed extensions?

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    @taravasya I don't use extensions, so I'll have to ask someone.

  • @ramwolff57 I think you misunderstood: they are syncable with the Viv sync. At least that's what I understand from @Ayespy's statement.

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