Feature Request: Make Vivaldi Thinkpad/Trackpoint friendly

  • This is a copy of a Feature Request for 1.13 post - please up vote both posts. It's there to enabled discussions on that topic. In the past years I've mentioned those issues in various other posts on those forums but probably never in such extensive form.

    Make Vivaldi Thinkpad/Trackpoint friendly.
    While Vivaldi works well with the older Thinkpad keyboards and drivers it's a pain to use with the newer keyboards. Please note that I'm typically using vertical tab bar on a Windows 10 system.

    Here are the issues I face on the newer Thinkpad keyboard with Trackpoint:
    1/ Can't scroll tab bar with Trackpoint.
    2/ Can't conveniently scroll web pages with Trackpoint.

    Both those issues are related to middle button behaviour hard coded in Vivaldi.
    Basically to scroll in any directions using the Trackpoint you first need hold down the middle mouse button and then input the direction with your Trackpoint. Now here is what you get when trying to do that in the use-cases mentioned above.

    1/ Trying to scroll the tab bar closes the tab you are currently pointing at because Vivaldi hard code mouse middle button to "close tab" action.
    2/ Trying to scroll web page with your Trackpoint triggers the "auto-scroll" feature as soon as you hit the middle mouse button. Now that means you can still scroll albeit much, much less conveniently than with Trackpoint native scrolling.

    Here are the solutions I suggest:
    1/ Provide a setting option to select the action of the mouse middle button on the tab header. Currently it's hard-coded to "close tab" action. Here are the possible actions I would like to see:

    • Does nothing (Thinkpad friendly)
    • Clone tab
    • Close tab (Current setup)
    • Open in a new Window
    • Open new tab
    • ...

    2/ Provide a setting option to disable "auto-scroll" feature or possibly even provide a choice of action when using middle mouse button on web page:

    • Does nothing (Thinkpad friendly)
    • Clone tab
    • Close tab
    • Open tab in a new Window
    • Open new tab
    • Toggle "auto-scroll" (Current setup)

    Hope that makes sense. If not, please ask for clarification. For testing you could get hold of one of those compact Thinkpad keyboard either USB or Bluetooth variant should do. I would also be happy to do some testing.

    Implementing this should bring onboard all those Trackpoint freaks and Thinkpad fans out there.

  • there is no point in either duplicating the feature request here or voting it in here.

  • @ian-coog As mentioned above the point of that thread is to enable discussions on that topic which is discourage on the Feature Request thread.

  • It would be enough to say:

    Make Vivaldi Thinkpad/Trackpoint friendly.

    On the Feature Request thread. Then post a link there back to this thread for discussion purposes. Posts can be edited from the blue vertical dots icon.

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