“Never too late to fix the Internet”: Jon von Tetzchner at Web Summit 2017

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    Does technology empower or enslave? Can security and privacy go hand in hand? Are we reduced to just being a product? Jon von Tetzchner discusses this and much more at Web Summit.

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  • We can not allow our privacy get smaller. In order to stop it, we need to "take action".


  • Unrelated to blog.

    Using some Android browsers, I got different user experiences accessing video content in this blog.

    • Firefox
      Ask me to login to Facebook to see the video. Give Íslenska Facebook login, I'm no where near that country. I don't have Facebook account.
    • Firefox Focus
      No Video, only content description.
    • Firefox Rocket
      Data saver on (turbo mode)
      Videos Work if I disable Turbo Mode
    • Opera (not Opera Mini)
      Data Saver on.
      Play all 2 videos but the 1st one with no sound.
    • Google Chrome
      Data saver on.
      Video just work.
    • My Phone browser
      Data saver on.
      (Xiaoumi MI Browser, based on old Chromium 53)
      Video just work.

  • I don't think it is Vivaldi's duty to "Fix the Internet." It's a forlorn hope or a pious wish at best.

    All Jon can do is improve Vivaldi to protect its users as well as possible, then Vivaldi will attract more and more users.

    Elon musk is incapable of making the roads safer. There will always be idiot drivers, freak accidents, road-surface defects, and human error. What he is doing is making his vehicles extremely tough and safe in the event of a collision, and providing as much automation as possible to reduce human error.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @pesala: We will do what we can to keep you safe. That includes speaking out about what we believe is wrong and fighting for your rights, for open standards and the Web. Nobody is saying it is easy, but then competing in the browser space is not easy either.

  • Jon is building a browser, not building the Internet. We can all speak out, lobby our political representatives etc., but it will have no effect. Call me a cynic of you like, but I have been around long enough to know that policing the Internet does not work. It is quite hard enough to stop spam and trolling on one forum, let alone controlling the Internet.

    Law enforcement agencies have been fighting cyber-crime for as long as it has been an issue. The amount of cyber-crime only increases every year.

    What a good browser can do, like good Firewalls, Antivirus, and Malware protection, is alert the users to the dangers when they visit dodgy sites.

    If Vivaldi ever becomes big enough to take over Google and Facebook, then it might be in a position to clean-up some corners of the Internet, but the crooks will soon setup shop elsewhere.

  • I am trying to 'migrate' from one ISP to another so had a conversation last night in which the second ISP said 'I see you are with vivaldi....' & I pointed out that vivaldi was a browser. It raises the issue of how many know who the stake holders are in the Internet? Are Microsoft stakeholders because they have a Browser, or because the have a 'position in the industry' (govt accreditation, contracts, track performance, compliance with Govt depts, 'social presence' in the 'full gov. community'). And is it any different in China or Norway or England or Russia or Canada........? That means important people and important money are the stakeholders that count . We are fortunate in Jon, but Dotcom also influences. Are they stakeholders?

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