Some websites fail to open

  • I am running vivaldi browser on lubuntu desktop environment but some websites fail to open in this browser which are opening in other browsers(Ex: such as firefox.Can someone explain this strange behaviour.Thanks in advance.

  • @invivis
    What do you mean by "fail to open"? That site just opens normally here.

  • I just realised that I cannot open any http sites but https sites are opening normally while firefox is opening all the sites

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    I also have no problem opening this or any other page, Http or Https- Maybe you use an extension that causes these problems

  • I tried in private window too and even tried disabling all the extensions. still I cannot load any http site
    it says ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED for all http sites

  • @invivis
    When the site "fail to open" did anything show up? Error page maybe?

  • @dleon I get the normal vivaldi error page

    This site canโ€™t be reached refused to connect.
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall

  • Moderator

    Strange, i can open the site.

    Explanation of "Connection Refused": that is a block done by server's firewall to you.

  • I installed the extension proxy switcher from chrome store and set it manually. Now all the sites are working properly. sorry for the trouble. I hope vivaldi gets a proxy setter like firefox soon.
    There must be a problem with my system settings which might be preventing me to load http sites.

    Thank you for your effort. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @invivis

    Checking the proxy and the firewall

    That message only appears if you have a problem with your network.
    If you're not using down proxy, down vpn, or anything in middle between you and outside network; something (or somebody) throttle/intercept your http.

    For throttling, my ISP did that to http://deb-multimedia or http://launchpad (back then when its http still running). I could use https://deb-multimedia without problem. For me, it's caused by DNS hijacking by my ISP. Changing DNS solve all the issue. So... try to change DNS.

    On the side note, it's kind of weird & funny issue if I think over it. You were forced to use more secure https than http.


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