Unnecessary space above the the tabs.

  • There are about 4px of unnecessary space above the tabs that are not usable and don't look very good. It may not look like a very big deal but it is very convenient for any user to move the mouse all the way to the top of the screen and click the tabs but because of the space above, you have to properly move the mouse over the tab to select it. In Chrome, the tabs are aligned right at the top of the window, so does in firefox. Vivaldi would definitely be better if that space was removed. It reduces the size of the tab bar and also makes it easier to navigate between tabs.

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  • Thanks.Cool that it works, but i'd say no padding should be the default appearance or should be an option in the settings.

  • since it's easy as that I would say that it would make it to the settings really soon (also according to first feature request vote where it was requested a lot I think).
    also since it was in the poll I think that another topics about this are unnecessary… but whatever 🙂

  • Just wanted to chime in for keeping the padding. In fact, I'd like to see some "wasted" space framing the whole window! I've seen some talk the last couple days about modifying the appearance w/ css. Weighing whether to try it out.

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    Judging by the number of times this topic has been raised I suspect it will eventual be addressed and hopefully as an option so people can have it either way. Personally I want them tight to the top.

  • As a diehard tabs-at-bottom loyalist, I also agree that the padding at the top is useful; it makes double-clicking to switch between tabs and thumbnail tabs easier.


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