Context menu -> Launch an EXE with selected text

  • Hello!
    It's possible to create a context menu item (on selected text in a webpage) to launch a program that pass the selected text as command line? For example "C:\myprogram.exe -search:SELECTEDTEXT".
    I am trying to migrate from Opera 12 and this feature is a deal breaker for me even if Opera works only on about 75% of the web sites that I use! In Opera I created an context menu item by editing "menu.ini" but I can't find something similar in Vivaldi, unfortunately!

    Please help me!
    Thank you!

  • Moderator

    No. Vivaldi has no menu macros (for starting programs or something else to do). It is planned but there is no timeline.

  • you can upvote it in the feature request thread (I hope the link is working)

  • Check out the Open In site. I use the Custom Application Launcher to send selected text to Notepad++ and EmEditor. I also use Open in Gimp, Open in VLC player, Open in Firefox and Open in Edge. Edit with a Photo Editor has it's own page and works great with Irfanview.

  • I use in the context menu Inkscape, Lunapic and Pixlr

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