hate to say this....

  • I am a fan of this effort and I would love for it to work......but with respect, this browser is too much trouble.

    it constantly will not open page links, often will not even refresh, or if it does, it takes forever....and for me as a serious user......not a kid and have been at this rodeo many times......this thing is not yet worth the difficulties.

    all the sadder as it clearly has such great potential.....but with other browsers on this machine, and every one of them working just fine, thank you very much, this is the only one which is constanty a pain in the you know what.

    I know this is a serious effort, so I am making the comment seriously.....but we are going to drop off the radar until you get this thing right.

    sure, it is probably some weird interation with add-ons or the security we use or some such thing...but with the same conditions, no other browswers are failing to perform as expected and quickly.

    if you have a "magic" answer, we would love to hear it. otherwise, see you when this thing is ready.

    thank you for creating something with so much potential.

  • ps even registering for this user group did not work well.
    it just got us in an endless loop or did nothing. indeed, the only way to complete the registration was to do so thru firefox

    we have a sense that if something goes wrong, the more one tries it, the "wronger" it gets until there is no choice but to close it....and even upon reopening, still sometimes trouble.

    we have the latest rev, on a standard win 7 64 bit dell precision portable (M6800; latest bios, windows updates and so on)....and this is the only program we are having problems with.

    we have been sticking with it thru 3 or so updates, hoping things would get better.

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    @nsr Absent the info concering your platform/rig, your add-ons and/or your 3rd party security software, there is not only no "magic" answer, but no answer at all. I have 14 installations of different versions of Vivaldi on 8 machines, and experience no difficulties whatever. So for me to "magic up" what is different about your install would be a fruitless endeavor.

    It's true that Vivaldi has glitches that no other browser has - especially in combination with software written by people who are unaware of the existence of Vivaldi and so never test in it. This is because Vivaldi is a) an infant and b) not a clone of any other browser. It uses Chromium (Blink and V8), but is its own unique self. As it ages, matures, and becomes better known, it will work better with other software (as some of its thousands of bugs are ironed out at a rate of 5 to 50 bugs a day) and, other software will be tweaked to work better with it on occasion.

    While this is going on, weekly changes in Chromium will continue to break things that worked the day before in Vivaldi, so regressions will continually have to be fixed, and it will be three steps forward and one step back essentially forever.

    This is what happens when you are blazing a trail without help from the larger community.

  • I completely understand, although I have seen enough posting about similar problems to have hoped that with a few updates they will have been gone.

    the problem is that expectation breeds disappointment...and we did not <apparently> realize this was so early as to have the kind of basic problems we are having, even if they are uncommon....as we are still not having them with anything else...and no way could we change configurations, especially where security might be involved, to acommodate, really, any new software

    if something pretty obscure were the issue, that would be one thing. however, so for us, the same problems happen over and over (such as have happened to us repeatedly with no loading, slow loading and links on various sites that simply do not work), and we did not realize that this was quite the early stage that it is...saw nothing about beta and did see words such as "powerful".

    what you saw in my post was simply frustration with wanting it to work and living with it not, for a couple of weeks now.

    that said, I get the process and am sure that you will have it down cold sooner rather than later.

    Nothing personal was intended.


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