Multiline tabbar sideways from bottom to top?

  • I tried to make my sidebar tabbar to appear from bottom to top via custom css styles but failed. What I mean is while tabbar is set from settings to appear vertically on left side instead of horizontally on the top, they stack from top of the screen to bottom. What I wish I could do is to make them appear from bottom of the screen to top. I played with styles for some time and it looks like some js simply adding inline styles for each tab with absolute coordinates of top and left and you can not override them via flex options. Am I wrong? Maybe its doable via changing some js code that is responsible for that?

  • Tabs are hard to handle.
    For starters you could just rotate the whole thing by 180 degrees 😃

    #tabs-container.right {transform: rotate(180deg);}

    And then step by step rotate the child elements back so that you don't get upside down thumbnails and text. Try it out, it's worth a shot, because keeping it to css only is certainly preferable.

  • Hey, worked like a charm, of course you should add the same rule for tabs themselves. Funny solution though. Thanks!

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