My feedback. Doing V my default browser now.

  • Ok, I am using Vivaldi from the first day of it's existence. And now I installed the latest snapshot build and made it my default browser so I decided to write a review. First of all, THANK YOU GUYS AND GALS from development team! After the death of Opera (RIP) I've been searching for something to replace it and could not find anything worthy. I ended up using monsters like Avant Browser and Lunascape but they are just a substitute, not something really pleasant. And now I feel like I am home again. Thousand thanks for that! Now, what lacks for me... Actually, not much... 1. I want browser to ASK me where to save files I download. Please, please create this option! 2. I want synchronization between devices - speed deal, bookmarks. 3. An EXIF information viewer for pictures, like Opera had, would be nice. And that's all! These three features would make me completely happy. I hope to see these features (especially the first two) in Vivaldi sooner or later. Sooner is better of course 🙂


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