Vivaldi Standalone - Flash but No AdminRights

  • I'd like to use Vivaldi Standalone at work but I don't have AdminRights - and I need Flash.
    Firefox portable = no problem, at all
    Chrome standalone = no problem
    Vivaldi = no idea where to put the .dll

    I really spent some time on Google and also searched Vivaldi forum, but still have no clue.

  • Moderator

    Perhaps into …\User Data\PepperFlash\
    Perhaps command line switch --ppapi-flash-path=….dll helps.

  • Chrome on my pc has ppapi flash here.
    Hoping standard user can use that path.

  • @gwen-dragon
    either I did it wrong or your suggestions don't work. thanks, anyway.

    just to clarify once again:

    • Flash is not installed on the machines at work
    • I don't have admin rights
    • Vivaldi is not installed on the machines at work
    • I need Flash

    any idea - or is it not doable in Vivaldi?

  • then If you have chrome ppapi in its portable folder, you can try to link it to vivaldi with --ppapi-flash-path=.
    If chrome portable hasn't flash, or you can't grab the dll from somewhere, it's not possible.
    But I'm not really sure it'll work.

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    @alf5000 Vivaldi is not a portable browser yet.
    It searched in Windows registry for the correct path of the Flash Player PPAPI.


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