Preparing standalone/portable installation with setup file.

  • Hi Friends. I am happy vivaldi user from India.
    Recently, my organization updated to windows 10 and also put the damn controlling DLP restrictions. Cant even execute setup file and do standalone/portable installation. (No question of doing standard installation! Thank you to DLP)

    I am working around this.

    1. So, I am able to extract executable and get folders "vivaldi-bin"
      Good so far. I can execute vivaldi and it works as expected.
      2 the only problem is profile and few other key files go to c:\users\user_id\AppData\Local\Vivaldi.
      This is different than standalone/portable installation. - this creates Application and User Data directory
    2. Tried using -user-data-dir and user-cache-dir directory to put profile in a directory I want. IT still does not work.
    3. vvialdi://about still tells me that profile path is "C:\users.....\vvialdi"

    How to achieve portable/standalone vivaldi install using just setup file!
    Step-by-step guide is needed.

    Please help. Regards.

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    Extract the vivaldi.1.12…exe
    Extract the vivaldi.7z
    Open vivaldi-bin folder
    Create a file stp.viv
    Open file in notepad
    Copy text // Vivaldi Standalone
    Paste text into file stp.viv
    Save stp.viv into vivaldi-bin folder
    Close file stp.viv

    Now you have a standalone install.
    And your browser profile resides in ..\User Data\ now

    You can copy these two folders on a USB to be portable or wherever on a drive you like it to use.

  • Worked. Thank you very much. I had created stp.viv earlier as well-but after I opened vivaldi. Creating that fiel before running vivaldi and its all right!!

    Thank you Gwen.

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    Forgot to welcome you as a new user, @anil-rajapure
    Now, enjoy surfing and having less problems with Vivaldi.


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