Feature requests for the user blogs

    • A column on the right side containing:

      A "clickable" button, called "Create a Blog", which leads to all other necessary links to the procedures, including the one available from the avatars of users registered through "Community", called "Blog."

      A "Forum" button that takes you directly to the Forums homepage.

      A button "Team Blog", leading to this initial page.

      A button "Snapshots", leading to this.

    Let's clean this messy, confused, and congested page! Let us have, from the initial vision, a broad and comprehensive overview.

  • Visiting another user profile:


    Add this option to show visitors. It can be added in the profiles of everyone who has published personal blogs.
    Or in all profiles. For those who do not have any personal blog published, a popup will be generated giving this information. Or in another way, technically feasible.
    It would be nice to know more aspects about those we are visiting, and the bloggers to have another form of disclosure available.

  • Moderator

    Automatically Reject Comments from certain IP addresses
    Right now, I can see all of my spam comments in my approval queue come from 2 specific IP addresses. I would prefer to set up a list of these IP addresses and just reject these automatically rather than have them sit in the approval queue.

  • Moderator

    Allow Filtering Reader by Language
    Regarding the page you see when you first log in - https://username.vivaldi.net/wp-admin/index.php?page=msreader.php - there is a list of recent posts.

    It is nice to see what others are posting, but even better would be the ability to filter out certain languages. While I'm sure the Japanese and Cyrillic blogs have lots of interesting things to say, they mean nothing to me.

  • Choice of (very) Dark Themes)

    I just checked my blog here (actually untouched for a couple of years) and I agree - I would especially like a choice of (very) dark themes. Is this possible?

  • Allow plugins/themes provided from Wordpress platform

  • Post to blog by email

    It would be useful to have the ability to update the blog by email. Most of my posts to Blogger while hiking across Europe were done this way.

  • @andy_teacher Custom themes are not in yet.
    The closest one is vivaldi communities with black background.

  • Hello. Will there be an opportunity to install custom themes, edit HTML, CSS, add JS. For example, I need the ability to work with formulas for an engineering blog and I need to use third-party scripts, such as MathJS. And I would like to embed calculation forms with JS. Is this functionality expected?

  • This toolbar on blog editing should float and follow the point of the blog entry we are editing:


    (Current behaviour: "disappear" on scroll, which means you have to go on top to use a button).

  • Implement a better WYSIWYG plugin ^^

  • Moderator

    An actual Fullscreen Editor

    Currently there is a "full height" "distraction-free" editor you can use, but that has two problems:

    Full height just makes it scroll on the page instead of the text box which is actually worse for me.

    It's not really distraction free as it seems to end up having more animations happening on the page.

    For me, a proper fullscreen editor would just make the textbox fill the page and pin the formatting toolbar to the top. (the full width is most useful when viewing the html)

  • Inbuilt resize option on uploading a photo over the 2 MB limit

    On the go photoblogging from a phone is impractical without this.


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