Feature requests for the user blogs

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    Please post in this thread feature request for the user blogs

    Search for existing feature request and upvote the one you want to have.

    If feature is missing here in thread, for every single feature you want to have

    • add one short line in bold formatting as a title
    • add some more lines as description

    !!! Please do not discuss blog usage or other issues here, open a separate thread instead. !!!

  • I need a LIKE Button! or something similar

    New BLOG (WordPress) is suitable -but I'm WP user since years in photoblogs - too.

    Vivaldi includes no plugins in Dashboard...but Likes are necessary for users and that extra something for bloggers worldwide !!!

    Please refine these functions... 🙂

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    A Link or Button to Report Spam

    Inevitably, some users will abuse the system. Make it easy to report potential spam blogs for the moderators' attention.

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    A Link to a User's Blog from their Forum Avatar

    It could also be on their profile page, but that would require an extra click.

  • More Themes / Templates - Customization Capability

    More themes / templates to use as our foundations for the myriad of Blog Design possibilities. More capability to modify the various attributes within those themes / templates.

  • Images & Emoticons Capability in the Comments

    The ability to insert images and emoticons in the comments.

  • A Genuine CSS Box

    An official, genuine CSS Box where CSS code can be easily installed without having to go under the hood into the actual guts of the platform to install it.

  • Multi Blog Capability in One Account

    Similar to what Blogger has ... the ability to have more than one blog in one account --- each with its own separate, different Blog Design. With this capability, I could for example, maintain my main blog intact, while having my 2nd blog as my experimental Blog Design Lab like I had at MyOpera. This way, chaotic experimental visuals don't have to be displayed on my main blog at any time.

  • Markdown code capability. Should be available on Wordpress, at least I read about it. Probably a plugin?

  • Filter Reader overview depending on selected languages. Keeps the blog overview clean and relevant. We should be able to select multiple languages according to our preferences.

  • Better navigation. Currently it's a hassle accessing the Reader overview (avatar dropdown -- my blogs -- dashboard -- reader). A direct link would make sense. And once in Reader overview, we can't go to a blog by clicking the headline directly. We have to click on the "read more" button, then a popup appears and we have to click yet again on another button ("view original site"), to go to the actual site. It's just too many clicks and too much waiting time in between until everything has loaded.

  • Code highlighting / prettifying
    Some users want to share code snippets and highlighting similar to the forums would help with reading it.

  • Sticky Post Capability

    If it already exists, I am not aware of where to find it, how to set it. I'd like to see something more official than what I have to use at Blogger. There the only way I could set a post as sticky was to assign it a year of 2020.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Social sharing buttons
    Social sharing can make blogs more popular.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Social login
    Users need login via social networks (Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) to blog platform to comment user's posts.

  • Blog Archive in sidebar
    Having a Blog Archive (à la Blogger) in the sidebar would be incredibly useful for locating older posts quckly. Showing the most recent five entries seems a little useless, since those will appear on the first page anyway.

  • Better navigation between posts
    Please include "Previous" and "Next" post toggles. If a visitor lands on a particular post (say, from a link on social media) or leaves a comment, they have to go back to the top level of the blog to continue reading. If it is an older post, it will not be easy to resume reading at the next chronological entry.

  • About Profile new function...

    Hi, I have two suggestion about Profile. First, I think that you could change your e-mail address. I hope that will add this function in feature. Anyway, if you have changed the e-mail address, you should be verification your new e-mail address. Second, I think that you also could be delete your account or closed. Could Add the two functions ? Thanks!

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    Automatically Reject Comments from certain IP addresses
    Right now, I can see all of my spam comments in my approval queue come from 2 specific IP addresses. I would prefer to set up a list of these IP addresses and just reject these automatically rather than have them sit in the approval queue.

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    Allow Filtering Reader by Language
    Regarding the page you see when you first log in - https://username.vivaldi.net/wp-admin/index.php?page=msreader.php - there is a list of recent posts.

    It is nice to see what others are posting, but even better would be the ability to filter out certain languages. While I'm sure the Japanese and Cyrillic blogs have lots of interesting things to say, they mean nothing to me.

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