Lost tabs on upgrade

  • I opened my W10 laptop quickly to check something. I had not used it in a few weeks so as soon as I opened Vivaldi, I got the popup about a new version. I clicked the "download and install" button.

    A couple of minutes later I had done what I needed to do in the browser, so I closed it, finding the update browser window underneath. I clicked "close browser and install" - though the browser was already closed at this point. Upgrade went through successfully and Vivaldi opened up again - only to show me the "Giving you the browser you want" page and no other tabs.

    Maybe this is just a random freak occurrence but maybe on the other hand there is a problem with upgrade if user closes the browser manually before clicking the install button.

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    @d64 Did you ckeck the tabs trash can to see if your tabs (or a window with your tabs) were in there?

    It is true that if the Vivaldi shutdown routine is interrupted or not allowed to complete naturally, tabs can be lost because they are saved DURING shutdown.

  • @ayespy No, I didn't check the trash icon since my experience (with various browsers) is that the list there is cleared on browser shutdown.

    I did check the regular ctrl-h history view but, probably since I have smart tab loading on, the only page in history for that day was the one I actually checked during those couple of minutes. Likely the lost tabs could be found in history back from the time when they were actually last loaded.

    Clarifying the timeline here:

    • Started browser
    • Got upgrade notification, chose download now button
    • Used browser for 1-2 mins, closed browser from X
    • Browser closed normally, found the "upgrade downloaded" window, chose to install now
    • Install completed normally, browser opened normally but with no saved tabs

    My theory here is that even with no apparent error in the process, choosing "close browser and install upgrade" when browser is not open somehow causes problems. Maybe the mechanism that adds the post-upgrade splash ("Giving you the browser you want") to the list of tabs to be opened does not work right if browser is not open anymore, and overwrites the list.

    I don't see an easy way to test this since I don't have any machines with Vivaldi updates pending.

  • @d64 said in Lost tabs on upgrade:

    No, I didn't check the trash icon since my experience (with various browsers) is that the list there is cleared on browser shutdown

    strange, it shouldn't and infact I have always my last tabs and windows there, even now I have all the last 20 or so opened yesterday including the same session it has been reopened automatically now I rebooted windows.


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