Avet Brutyan likes programming and playing music

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    Avet Brutyan is an architect by education who started learning C# and JavaScript because he hopes that programming will give him more job satisfaction.

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    Hi Avet Brutyan,

    Music and coding (read math) walk side by side in terms of logic.

  • How many bugs and suggestions did he report?

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    That blog photo is a 1.24 Mbyte PNG and loads really slowly even on my broadband connection.
    Try this 71.4Kbyte JPG out of compassion for those on slow connections.


  • Another Opera Presto user 😄 , I noticed the Opera that switch to Chromium was slow and a memory hog compared to Presto Opera, I have noticed Vivaldi does not have that issue at all, and has a community (that reminds me of MyOpera).

    In IT there is a bit of architectural work when you have to deploy machines or set up data rooms, or network gear across the work place.

  • "He wants every Vivaldi user (and power user) to share and tell their friends about Vivaldi."

    I probably will end up doing so when you guys fix more of the bugs. Like MMB selecting page content when it shouldn't. ..have been notified its finally fixed in 1.13 😂

    Still as long time web power user going back to MyIE days http://wiki.maxthon.com/index.php/What_is_Maxthon MyIE2>Maxthon2>Firefox(3.5-46)+(atleast 50 core extensions)>Vivaldi next? .... Opera was never all that good at any previous time period to really be a good replacement to whatever was my current power browser of choice was at the time.

    Still now it is different riding on the chromium engine, I'm sure more people will goto Vivaldi in the coming weeks.. Firefox is about put out a dead fetus to the world at large, having completely lobotomized and killing off many great power extensions and preventing developers from ever being able to achieve the same level of control over making there shit default features and interface ux better, with this retarded web extension direction.

    So many of those addons were pretty core essentials to many Firefox web users. At least Vivaldi puts up a better front default for users with at least some of the basic power user essentials by default. I would say ALOT more could still be done, but as browser defaults go now.. the playing field is about to be leveled, with Firefox slicing off its feat, and joining the chrome crap and IE dummies in a race to the bottom. Vivaldi has a chance to gain some market share.. Firefox will soon have zero addons that provide better sidebar, zero addons that provide better tabbed customization and control, zero addons that provide better status bar configuration, zero addons that provide better interface customization...I could go on on all the addons they've ruined, all that made Firefox worth using over Chrome and variants. It practically has that dumbed down options and bloated chrome style look to it aswel literately being designed and developed by morons.

    I expect to see some good marketing efforts this winter to push Vivaldi to more users... ex Firefox users for a start, they'll be looking for something better if they aren't completely braindead.

  • @koolio: Actually most people (even more than half) who use firefox do not use any addons ......

  • @rtransformation What's that got to do with anything? When you make software or anything and its freely or pirately available to the rest of the world you are always going to have lesser idiots using it. Doesn't mean they are ever going to be capable of using it effectively (ie using braincells to go install better addons, not ever make them though) let alone have the slightest inclination of how it could be better improved in any way that isn't just a further dumbing down of everything.

    Go figure really. It's not like idiots aren't easily exploitable though, so that's one reason why evil smart people do it, and they do add to the statistics for other other idiots to make out like usage figures are growing.. but lets not look to closely at what kind of people are using it, its not like that isn't going to have any major adverse effects on the future of things 🌐


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